Monday, August 29, 2005

Bogu Bogu Bogu!!!!

It's here!!!!! Yay! My Bogu has arrived!!!!

Lets just say my enthusiasm for kendo has just increased :-)

Pictures to follow soon....

Friday, August 19, 2005

No Training for 2 weeks.....

Boo!!! Hiss!!!! I hate being sick - that and a work trip to Melbourne next week means no Kendo for 2 weeks! It was my birthday on Wednesday and what did I get - a dose of the flu!!!! ich! Arrgghhh!!

No kendo for 2 weeks......ahh well...back into it when I get back from Melbourne - have to do 3 times a week to catch up!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Saturday 3/8 - It's Grading Day!

Another Saturday, and more Kendo! Yay! Shame its so cold! Brrrrrr - I don't do good Kendo when I'm cold...need a good warm up today!

And its Grading Day today - and I will be going for 6 Kyu (or better) at Hornsby PYC. After an early 6am rise (just not good on Saturday's) I jumped in the car, filled it up and off to pickup Daniel Harrison for our 30min drive to Hornsby.

Just a quick note about petrol - all oil companies are greedy pigs - make you choke and die on all the profits you make - I don't like paying over 80c a litre (let alone $1.15/lt like I did today). Just a bit of a whinge to kick things off....ahhhh...feel better now!

Anyways.....back to Kendo...

We arrive at Hornsby (having stopped in at my local bakery for a nice danish and an average coffee) and socialise until things kicked off at 9am.

Daniel was off with the Dan group (well done on becoming sho-dan) and I joined the rest of the masses going for Kyu grades.

After a huge group warmup taken by Dave Bunder, it was a kyu seminar going over what we we expected to do in grading - sonkyo, ashi-suburi, and men, koti and do kihon. Shame it was so loud I couldn't hear any commands and had to rely on watching the people in front of me.

This was followed by the NSW Kendo Association AGM and a delicious lunch. And then onto Grading................

I was allocated no 36 so had a chalk marked 6-36 on my borrowed tare. To cut a long story short, I was suprised at how little we had to do - sonkyo, ashi-suburi, and men, koti and do kihon. I thought I was ok - could have been better but it must have been ok - everyone was then called to try for 5th Kyu - Kiri-kaeshi - my favourite! We were told this was a last minute change as we were all expecting a repeat of what we did before.....oh well....but hey, I love kiri-kaeshi so I don't mind.

I was finally called up and thought I did ok. Daniel mentioned he thought my part as motodachi went quite well and I thought my men and suyi-men cuts were ok when i was attacking. Time will tell - hopefully get the grading the results soon.

As I type this I'm sitting back and enjoying a relaxing beer and hanging out for the grading results and the Bledisloe Cup game...go Aussies!!!! Had a great day and tried to implement the Kendo principles I have learnt in Kendo these last few months....

Over and out and back to normal training again....

Just found out I got 5th Kyu! Woohoo! Very happy indeed! Must have a beer or 2 to celebrate...


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Wednesday Training 3/8 - Just a quickie

Not much to add after tonite - improving my kata still and then Itakura Sensei took our huge beginners class - mostlly practicing men and kote cuts!

Biggest lesson I learnt was to make every cut count - be 110% committed to each and every cut and leave no doubt!

Won't be attending Saturday's training so only 2 sessions to go before grading....

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tuesday Training 2/8 - Hornsby Hijinks...

Something new, something different - that's what Tuesday's training was for me. I trained with the newly independent Hornsby Kendo Club with Doug and the other bunch of northerners :-) Looking forward to more training there!

Left work, jumped in my Jeep and a finally got there after seeming to drive around half of Hornsby! I was quite excited - first Kendo training session away from Willoughby!

I'm first impression was of the small size of the class (compared to Willoughby) and the large size of the dojo (very nice to have room to train in and not have to strain to hear the Sempai's instructions). It started off with Doug taking the warmup and the usual suburi etc. We then covered grading basics (footwork, men cuts) and then got onto the good stuff - hitting each other :-D

Or the reason we all do Kendo :-)

Beginners and the bogu clad all trained together before the others ended up doing ji-geiko. It was good to practice kote, men and do on Doug.

Some notes....

1) I kind of found all the basketball court lines and markings on the floor distracting - something I will have to ignore - at least its good to get a feel of the physical environment prior to grading there in a weeks time.

2) Kiai was good - in fact i was hoarse at the end of the session. Really lifts your confidence having good kiai - one comment springs to mind " bad cut but great kiai" - now if i can get both right. Beers went down really well afterwards :-)

3) Te-nou-chi - REALLY need to snap the wrist and get the correct cut motion happening - Rick showed me some tips and I'm looking forward to getting it right tonite.

4) Fumikomi - Coming along nicely - my stomp is coming along to get it working correctly with my cuts...

Over all I found Hornsby quite different (and more informal) then Willoughby training am more intense....felt good finishing off covered in sweat :-)

Looking forward to tonite - opportunity to improve my mediocre kata :-)

Onward to better Kendo...