Friday, September 30, 2005

Back into the Groove!

Well its Saturday and I had my first Kendo in 2 weeks - good to get back into it again.

Class started with the usual Saturday warmups and then into Kihon Kote, Kihon Men, Kihon Do etc followed by ji-geiko.

Things to note:

1) Straight posture and drive with the hips.

2) Loosen the grip and Shinai and relax - i am way to tense in ji-geiko.

3) Zanshin!!!! Execute the cut and forward towards opponent and do good Zanshin.

4) Large cuts in Kihon! Don't get into habit of doping small cuts!

Some comments....

I really enjoy the warmup and kihon etc but am not enjoying je-geiko as much. Why? I think I'm too unfit - need to *REALLY* improve my stamina so that I can do good zanshin and keep following up with attacks. Takes me way too long to get my breathe back!

I also am still quite lost in relation of what cuts to do when and an not at all confident in finding/making openings. At times I just stand there and try to think what to do and get hit men and kote! I'm just trying to hit men and kote and follow through at present.

Many things to improve....

Plus I had other things on my mind today - my wonderful girlfriend is flying back from Singapore tonite - yay!!!!

Until next time...


At 5:13 AM, Blogger Vivian Yung said...

Hey Mick,

You are doing everything correct. As long as you turn up to training, do all the hard training, you will understand more and more about kendo and yourself. And that is the key to improving in kendo.

Don't get too worried about being hit and not able to land cuts perfectly. The one thing that you should practice now in the first few weeks of kendo is to be proactive in your attacking, and keep the body posture and the coordination right.

Embrace all jigeiko. Try cutting as many times as you can.

At 2:05 PM, Blogger Edward An said...

I have the exact same problem. I'm just dont feel fit enough as I get fatigued and lose my breath quite easily, up to the point of feeling like throwing up.

Honestly, someday i just might faint because im not the kind of person that will stop. I just try to keep going, even if my body says STOP NOW!


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