Friday, September 02, 2005

Saturday 3/9 - I feel good!

Its Saturday, and time for Kendo! Woohoo!

I rocked up and started today's session by strapping on my Tare and do - it actually feels good to train in partial bogu. And I think that this general feeling of goodness was reflected today in my kendo - good clean confident cuts and good footwork and together with good kiai (though I must remember to use less throat and more diagphram).

After the usual warm ups and suburi, Payne Sensei had us newbs line up with everyone else and we proceeded to do fast men and kote men cuts for a while - it felt really good! This then saw the bogu clad kendoka do jigeiko while Payne Sensei took us through doing the basic cuts on each other's shinai etc. I also have to remember to lift my arms more and do larger cuts rather then smaller ones.

The one big thing that went through my mind is that I now consider myself ready for bogu! A big statement indeed but I know I am now ready!

My footwork felt good, my cuts were clean and precise with good use of tenouchi and my fumokomi was happening just nicely.....not to mention good kiai!

My next training session is next Saturday (will be in Perth most of next week with work) so will train then in tare, do and kote and hopefully will train in full bogu at Hornsby on Saturday week - really looking forward to that. Need to start practicing tieing my Men and wearing my tenogui now :-)


At 4:37 AM, Blogger Vivian Yung said...

Great to hear your success in today's geiko.

You are trekking inter-state again!? No Hornsby next Tuesday? Does that mean I can't scratch your do?

At 2:13 PM, Blogger Mick said...

Yep - flying to Perth on Tuesday afternoon and flying back on Friday.

The joys of having customers across Australia!

At 8:50 PM, Blogger Mick said...

More travel coming up as well after my Perth trip - looks like I will try and schedule it for non Kendo days :-D


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